Below is a preliminary itinerary for Culture Connection 2023 on October 26th. Stay tuned for exciting programming announcements as we get closer to the event!

8:00AM CST

Check-In Opens + Tours Begin

  • Experience a tour of the Southwest Headquarters led by members of the Culture & Engagement Team

10:00AM CST

Keynote - Welcome to the Southwest Way: Exploring the Heart of Southwest’s Corporate Culture

Whitney Eichinger, SVP Culture & Communications

10:50AM CST

Southwest Way Panel 1 | Me: Attracting and Retaining World-Class Employees

  • Covering topics such as Hiring; Onboarding; Training & Development
  • Panelists coming soon!

11:45PM CST


12:30PM CST

A Conversation on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Additional speakers coming soon!

Doug Mitchell, Director Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

1:05PM CST

Southwest Way Panel 2 | We: Maximizing the Employee Experience

  • Covering topics such as Employee Insights; Employee Experience Strategy/Program Development; Recognition
  • Panelists coming soon!

2:15PM CST

Southwest Way Panel 3 | Southwest: Winning the Hearts of Customers

  • Covering topics such as Elevating Customer Service to Heartfelt Hospitality; Building Brand Loyalty; Customer Experience
  • Panelists coming soon!

3:10PM CST

Fireside Chat

Ginger Hardage, Former Southwest Executive and Founder of Unstoppable Cultures

Linda Rutherford, Chief Administration and Communications Officer

4:00PM CST

Happy Hour

  • Grab a drink, enjoy Q&A with Culture and Engagement Leaders, and network with fellow attendees!

Megan Lee, Director Culture & Employee Engagement

Sam Leyendecker, Senior Manager Culture

4:45PM CST

Event Concludes


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